Why You Should Visit Nai Harn Beach in Phuket

March 29, 2019
The Nai Harn

If you want a quieter, more beautiful beach in Phuket, then Nai Harn is your best bet. Not only can you easily island-hop from here, but you can also swim comfortably, stay in less busy accommodation, and get your money’s worth out of your vacation by picking the right place to go in the first place. Here are some other reasons you should check out Nai Harn over any other Phuket beach:


It’s not too far from Ao Sane

Once you have snorkeled your way through Nai Harn, you can follow the main road down to get to Ao Sane, which is also an excellent bay for snorkeling. For all you snorkeling fans out there, there are so many places you can see just when you think you’ve seen them all. Explore the seas and marvel in the beautiful coral under the sea.


Endless Food and Shopping

Here, you will find many delicious restaurants, delicious ice cream vendors everywhere, and not forgetting souvenirs you can bring back home with you. There are street vendors at every corner, which are cheap and delightful.

Apart from that, have some delectable treats while you walk along the beach and enjoy some time in the sun. There are plenty of small shops that will sell cute, little knick-knacks as well as traditional wooden carvings for you to take back a little bit of Thailand to your family and friends back home.


Indulge in the Culture

There are also some beautiful Buddhist temples to visit nearby. If you are coming from the beach, it is wise that you bring something you can cover up in, as it is common courtesy not to show your shoulders or legs while on the temple grounds. Some temples may have something for you to put over your clothing, but you should try to bring something regardless.


Nai Harn lakes

There is a lake behind Nai Harn beach that is a favorite place for locals to exercise and run around in. Come for a nice stroll, or walk around with the kids, have a picnic; have a fun, relaxing time and enjoy your vacation.


Other beaches nearby

If you head south of Nai Harn, you can find the Ya Nui beach and up north is Kata Noi beach. There are a ton of chances for island-hopping as well as boat rides to other beaches to enjoy a little bit of variation.


Family-friendly fun

Nai Harn is a great place to bring your whole family. People of all ages can enjoy the sweet, vast stretch of sand and the laid-back vibe of Thailand right here at Nai Harn Beach. Some great resorts can accommodate your whole family, play parks for kids, and fantastic seafood to indulge in.


There are nearby lagoons that can offer a more shallow swimming area for children. There are also lots of activities for every lifestyle as well. Whether you’re a little more adventurous or want to relax away from a crowd, there is always something to do.

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