Tips on How to Save Money for a Beach Wedding

August 9, 2019
The Nai Harn

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and freeing as an afternoon lounging at the beach – even more so when it’s spent on your wedding day! The salty, cool breeze flowing through light-themed wedding dresses, the soft sand beneath your toes, and the sunset leaving a spectacular explosion of pink and purple hues in the sky perfectly paint a romantic air for your dream wedding.


Not to mention, the scenery itself can act as its decor, which can significantly save a large sum from your budget. On that note, here are some tips to help save some expenses for the beach wedding of your dreams, one where you can say “I do” to tan lines and fun times with your partner, friends, and family.


Tip #1: Follow a Strict Budget


Many couples want to follow a strict budget and tight timeline, and it can be a stressful ordeal as cash can quickly burn if it isn’t allocated correctly. However, keeping to your budget can help you crunch the numbers and make the most out of your money, especially when last-minute changes or decisions are made on the fly. If you want a wedding that rivals the top pins on Pinterest without blowing out your budget, having a budget on hand can keep you accountable and on track. After all, beach weddings are all about the bang-for-your-buck wedding experience.


Tip #2: Plan in Advance


The time it takes to plan a wedding is roughly about 200 hours. However, juggling your work and personal life is already difficult, which is why it often feels close to impossible to squeeze some time into planning your wedding properly. In that regard, giving yourself months of leeway for planning allows you to make progress with the preparations at a pace that is suitable for your daily routine. Not only that, but it also confers a stress-free mindset, which allows you to make clear decisions during the planning process. Finally, you can beat the clock without compromising the quality of your wedding when you have time on your side, allowing you to spend every minute efficiently.


Tip #3: Skip the Printed Wedding Invitations


Traditional weddings often use a large sum of the budget to designing and printing out invitations, however, the modern age provides a wide selection of frugal ways to notify your friends and family about your big day. On that note, you can save your budget by simply spending on the design of your virtual invitation without spending a dime on sharing it with guests online – be it through social media or email.


Tip #4: Keep it Casual


Beaches is fundamentally a place where people fly off to unwind, so keeping your theme relaxed and casual is an excellent way to have a bang-for-the-buck wedding experience. That includes styling your wedding gown and establishing a comfortable attire for your guests – after all, the natural beauty of the shore and open skies are more than enough to elevate the whole look and feel of your wedding.


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