How to Have the Perfect Couples Getaway in Phuket

April 3, 2019
The Nai Harn

Phuket, one of the most popular islands off Thailand, is a great beach resort for relaxation and a great romantic getaway. Phuket has the beautiful Andaman Sea and tons of fun activities to do with your loved one. Here are some romantic ideas for activities you can do with your partner:


Eat a romantic meal by the seat

Phuket is famously known for exquisite seafood. People will go there to eat their lobster, and there are tons of romantic restaurants by the ocean that you can wine and dine with your partner. Watch the sunset as you sip your drinks and eat your delicious seafood on a romantic beach.


Watch the sunset on a cruise

Watch the sun go down with your lover as you glide by the beautiful limestone cliffs on a Chinese boat. It will be a magical and romantic experience that a couple can cozy up together with.


Go for a couples spa

There are plenty of spa places in Phuket, and going for a time of relaxation with your loved one can be a pleasant experience. Relax and unwind with your loved one while you both enjoy an excellent Thai massage.


Go kayaking together

There are countless caves and lagoons to explore off Phang Nga Bay that offer a peaceful experience. You can go there with your loved one and have a romantic day floating in a blue lagoon.


Explore the deep sea together

You can take your loved one to go diving together and explore the coral as well as the sea life below the deep blue sea. It can be a really nice, romantic experience, as well as an adventure for both of you.


Go for a stroll on a lonely beach

There are some quiet beaches that you can walk around in. Some will have beachside markets for buying delicious street foods and little knick-knacks that you can take to your loved ones back home. Take a dip into the local lives of the Thais in Phuket. Eat the delicious seafood and walk along the sandy beaches.


Check out Phuket’s Old Town

Phuket Town is located on the east side of the island and is not too popular with tourists since it doesn’t have beaches. This culturally rich town will allow you to immerse yourself into the local Thai heritage of Phuket and let that be your entertainment for the day.


Check out Thalang Road’s weekend market

This is Phuket’s most popular and largest market that has street vendors who have set up shop with a bunch of local souvenirs as well as some delicious food. You can mainly find things like clothing, accessories, and souvenirs that have been handmade by the locals. You can also find some exotic souvenirs here, and will also get a glimpse at how the Thais live in this part of the country. You should plan to go to this market on a weekend at around 4 pm, which is when they open. The market closes at 9 pm, so make sure you plan according to their schedule.


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