Our Guide to Proper Beach Wedding Fashion

November 18, 2019
The Nai Harn

When asking about dream weddings, a lovely setting by the beach will be one of the top answers. Who wouldn’t want to exchange vows where sand, sea, and sky meet? The breeze of the sea and the serenity of the location will make the event more romantic. However, while beach weddings on television shows or online videos look perfect, planning for this occasion is no walk in the park.

The problem compounds when the couple must fly to another country for the wedding. That’s why it’s essential to hire a local coordinator who knows the best deals from suppliers. Better yet, the resort hotel where they will be staying offers wedding packages that already covers everything from set-up, decorations, meals, sound system, and presider.

While they have that side covered, however, there’s one thing left to address—the attire. In this article, we have prepared a short guide on what must the bride, the entourage, and the guests should wear to the beach wedding to make the scene lovelier.

What must the bride wear?

In choosing the bridal dress, it’s essential to go for a design that blends with the beach setting. Therefore, satin gowns or beaded dresses are out of the equation even if it’s their dream to wear one. A lightweight, airy dress made of chiffon cloth is more appropriate for the setting rather than the princess-type bridal gowns.

Laces are also inappropriate because they can accumulate wet sand and get dirty faster. Long gowns are ill-advised as well, and it’s better to consider short dresses like tea length silhouettes to keep the attire clean most of the time.

Meanwhile, shoes are optional for the bride because high heels will not work on sand. If she is not comfortable going barefoot, opt for flat sandals instead. Though they’re not as heavy as the typical wedding shoes, they get the job done.

Fancy hairdressing won’t work either, and it’s better to go for soft or pretty options like a messy knot with a hair clip. Loose flowing locks and beautiful braids with a ponytail will match the attire perfectly and make them ready for a beach celebration.

What do male entourage members wear?

Don’t make them wear polos with beach prints. Instead, try to find a balance between comfort and elegance. Black tuxedos are uncomfortable in a humid tropical climate. However, you can still retain some elements of the traditional tux by having them wear lightweight pants and a button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves. A combination of shirt, vest, and tie will also work, as well as sport coats made from breathable fabrics. That’s enough to make them look classy without working up a sweat.

How about the bridesmaids?

Have the bridesmaids dress up in pastel color palettes to make them look beautiful with the sun and the waves as the backdrop. Soft blues or light greens are perfect when combined with tropical colors like pinks, peach, or turquoise. Similar to what the men are wearing, the dresses must be made from lightweight fabric to provide comfort.

A lovely place for a beach wedding

Nai Harn Hotel offers bespoke wedding services that include ceremonial gazebos on the beach decorated with fresh tropical flowers, house-made wedding cakes, live entertainment options, pre- and post-wedding activities.

The celebration can be strictly ceremonial, and we can also engage the assistance of an official registration agency to formalize the nuptials. If you’re looking for a beach wedding in Phuket, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.