Nai Harn Hotel – Romantic Restaurants in Phuket – Our Guide

May 15, 2019
The Naiharn - Romantic Dining

Phuket is an amazing destination for couples to enjoy a romantic escapade together. Although you will have traveled all the way to the south of Thailand for an exotic vacation, there’s nothing wrong with a good old dinner date. Before you take your loved one to just any random restaurant, however, we recommend that you do some research and choose the perfect spot.

As dining in tropical paradise is not an opportunity that comes often, it is best to search for the best romantic restaurants in Phuket to enjoy the night. We have already gathered the top three places that are worth visiting. Here are the three romantic restaurants that will make the night unforgettable:

Nakalay Beachfront Dining

Imagine wining and dining your partner under a sky full of stars. The vision can come true at Nakalay Beachfront Dining. If you want to enjoy an exclusive beachfront dining experience, this place is the best option for you. Instead of having dinner at a restaurant, you will be sitting in a candle-lit cabana on the beach.

You can take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the sand as you enjoy a delicious meal with your loved one. There is a wide variety of Thai food on the menu for you to choose from and everything tastes delightful. Although the prices are on the expensive side, your money is sure to be well-spent. Nakalay Beachfront Dining will provide an exceptional experience that you will never forget. Eating here on your last night is the perfect way to end your romantic trip.

La Gritta

If you are staying in Patong, you should drop by La Gritta. Thai food is definitely to die for. However, we won’t blame you if you begin craving the flavors of home. Why not give this Italian restaurant a try during your romantic night out? You can request a table that is either indoors or outdoors. If there is no rain that night, we suggest that you head for the outdoor area. La Gritta has a terrace that lets you relax in a chic and comfortable lounge. Even if you opt to sit inside the restaurant, you will still get a stunning view of Patong Bay. The style of La Gritta is designed in contemporary, yet modern style. It is an excellent place to enjoy a meal with a drink in your hand.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Nature lovers will love having dinner at Mom Tri’s Kitchen. You will be astounded with the beautiful and natural decor of the restaurant. This place is located at Villa Royale in the Kata Noi Beach. It is not difficult to get there. If you do not have a car, you can get a taxi or ride a tuk tuk to the place.

While you are waiting for your food to come to the table, it is impossible to get bored. With the view and unique decor, even just sitting still can be entertaining. Not only is it perfect for couples, but an entire family can have a wonderful time at Mom Tri’s Kitchen. The environment is inviting to people of all ages. You will get to savor the dinner in the presence of the most distinctive and well-designed decorations ever.

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