How to Streamline Your Wedding Plans – Romantic Weddings in Phuket

October 10, 2019
The Nai Harn

Weddings continue to deviate from the norm. Gone are the ways when you were expected to have a traditional church ceremony and hotel function room reception. More refreshed themes and ideas continue to become common every day. From beach themes to high-tech AVP displays, weddings are taking a more modern twist in execution and overall feel.


While the main face—in terms of theme, appearance, fixtures, and settings—of the modern wedding is taking a more unorthodox approach, everything behind the scenes is also evolving. With technology becoming a non-negotiable part of everyone’s lives, every aspect of a person’s life is also receiving the digital treatment. The wedding, in particular, seems to enjoy the techno-treatment the most.


In recent years, weddings have taken a digital turn in the entire planning and execution process with the help of online services, effectively making the whole experience more convenient. Digitizing enhances the experience of planning and enjoying your wedding.


Let’s look at a few ways that you can improve your wedding with the help of digitizing:


1. The planning process itself

A scene that is commonly associated with wedding planning is the image of a stressed bride-to-be walking around with a notebook crammed with papers and post-its. The problem with sticking to a notebook and a billion different papers is that they can be misplaced or damaged.

With the help of cloud-based coordination systems, however, you can plan your special day with ease. You can organize your thoughts, priorities, and tasks in plain view. Trello and Taskrabbit, for instance, can help you can track updates, assign roles, and oversee progress without having to run back and forth frantically.


2. The theme of the wedding

Many brides-to-be get lost and frustrated with the entire process of finding the perfect theme to use for their wedding while taking smaller details into consideration. For example, when it comes to having a Phuket beach wedding, a digital tool like Pantone Studio or a website like Pinterest can make the selection process much easier. When choosing the wedding theme that you’d like to go with, it is also possible to finalize any major choices with the help of social media apps like Instagram for inspiration.


3. The gifts that you’ll receive

Gifts can be a nuisance to bring to the wedding ceremony or reception, even more so to bring them back home, especially when they are bulky. Besides, you don’t always get the ones that you want or need.

With the help of online gift registries, getting the right gifts without having to bring them from somewhere as far as Phuket is much easier to pull off. Using an online gift registry, you can inform your wedding guests about the things that you would love to receive. At the same time, it reduces the chances of getting the same gift from multiple people because the registry is updated once someone has already purchased an item.


Taking on the wedding planning process can prove to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to pulling everything together. With digitizing, however, it becomes much easier to set your wedding up for success as you stay on top of everything.

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