4 Benefits of Doing Yoga at the Beach in Phuket Thailand

January 24, 2020
The Nai Harn

If there’s one thing the beach and yoga have in common, it’s that both are healthy for the mind and body. Taking your regimen to the great outdoors can be inspiring and have positive effects on the nervous system, especially when doing exercises in front of a picture-perfect view.

The beaches in Phuket, in particular, promote a backdrop of an on-earth paradise with its miles of white sands, pristine waters, and coconut groves for stretching your body and freeing it from the daily grind’s built-up stress.

Seeing as both yoga and beaches are synonymous with relaxation, below are the benefits of hitting the beach for your out-of-the-box yoga sessions:

Benefit #1: Beach Yoga Provides Vitamin D

A crucial aspect of keeping your energy flowing seamlessly through the body is to keep it warm and relaxed. Laying down on bare flooring can transfer body heat from your body to the cold floor, but the sun-kissed sands of beaches promote encompassing relaxation as you soak up some vitamin D.

This boost can regulate the calcium and phosphate in your body while spending the afternoon exercising in breathtaking scenery enhances the mood during your workout.

Benefit #2: Beach Yoga Provides Sand Support

Practicing various yoga techniques can be uncomfortable for your body, particularly for your knees. This discomfort can compromise your breathing and posture, which is why supporting yourself on the sand boosts comfort as it adds a soft cushion of support for your body.

Feeling comfortable in your environment can go a long way in improving your yoga session as it encourages you to stretch out without any physical pain holding you back from playing around with different poses.

Benefit #3: Beach Yoga Deepen Your Relaxation

There’s nothing more inspiring than letting loose by the shoreline, with a spectacular view of colorful skies, palm trees, and emerald waters that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Coupled with the relaxing sounds of crashing waves and a salty breeze, practicing your yoga by the beach can help you unwind and reach a meditative state.

Benefit #4: Beach Yoga Enhances Creativity

Yoga is a sacred exercise that aims to nourish the body and mind. For that reason, it’s crucial to match your surroundings and create a space that is clean for you to exercise with optimal performance. The beautiful nature of Thailand’s popular beach towns allows you to enhance your creativity and stimulate the brain as the new experience promotes mental acuity. By the end of a vigorous session, you can cool down by the sea and feel closer to nature at the same time.

In Conclusion

Yoga also helps clear and unwind the mind. It practices breathing techniques that relax the body’s movements and bring you back to a peaceful state, making it the perfect exercise as part of your beach activities.

With that in mind, many resorts and hotels in Phuket offer the ultimate refreshing and enchanting escape for those who want to take a break from their hectic routine in the city. If you’re looking for a beachfront hotel in Phuket, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.