5 Tips to Enjoy a Trip in Phuket with Your Children

August 9, 2019
The Nai Harn

Do you think that traveling with children will ruin the experience for you and your loved one? Do you feel like you’re forced to limit romantic time with your partner? Think again.

There are many different activities and methods you can do to keep your children entertained will spending quality bonding time with your significant other. Here are five tips you can follow to create the best experience for you, your loved one, and your children.


Set Up Regular Bedtime

This point is more for your children. As you travel around exploring different places, always make sure to be back at your room in time for the kids to maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. A preferable sleeping time would be the same time they go to bed at home. While they’re asleep, you can use this time to bond and perhaps enjoy some adult time.


Take a Trip on a Cruise Ship

If you want to enjoy some adult time while on vacation, an excellent option for your family is a cruise. Most cruise ships offer some kid’s club that will keep them busy. This allows for more time for you to move around the ship. Some hotels even offer a kid’s club. You’ll be surprised how long they’ll disappear until they show up because they feel hungry.


Hire a Nanny to Take Care of the Kids

Some locations offer affordable nanny services. If you’re planning a vacation in Bangkok or some eastern country, some agencies provide the service. You can use services such as MomAboard to plan out a trip with their Mombassador service to recommend reliable companies.

You may feel a bit worried about leaving your children to a stranger, but these companies are reputable, and thorough background checks are done on the ladies to make sure they’re fit for employment.


Relax in the Hotel’s Luxurious Bathroom

Never thought of this, have you? As you may have noticed, most bathrooms in hotels are fancy and big. These elegant bathrooms can even resemble a spa. With the help of room service, why not take advantage of this place to wind down and relax? Rent movies for the kids to stay entertained. If you’re looking to save money, skip out on renting DVDs and do this when they’re asleep.


Find the Balance Between Your time and the Kids

It doesn’t always have to be about the kids. Yes, you want to keep them entertained and happy, but this vacation is also about you and your loved one.


Find the balance between adult and kid activities. By adult activities, it does not mean that you should bring your child to a bar while you’re drunk. Instead, it means to bring them out sightseeing or even shopping. Kid-oriented activities are more like visiting beaches and theme parks, more exciting and hands-on activities.


Remember, a family vacation isn’t only about your children; it is about everyone. Set time for your children and yourself. This way, everyone can get the most fun out of the trip.


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